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Court Proceedings as well as their Legal Transcription

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Legal professionals have to deal with a large volume of recorded files on civil and criminal court proceedings every day. They need to spend a lot of time analyzing this information as the case proceeds. This leaves them with little time to create accurate and timely transcripts of the files. Moreover, managing transcription tasks in-house can be a challenging task for these busy professionals. To save time, effort and money, it is better to outsource these voluminous documentation tasks to a reliable and professional legal transcription company that can provide accurate, timely and confidential court proceedings transcription services. Whatever the individual client requirements, a reputable company can offer top quality transcription services at affordable rates.

Why Courts Proceeding Transcription is So Challenging

Legal cases usually begin in a lower court and then proceed to a higher court of law. The Unites States Court Systems is multi-tiered and comprises of Federal courts and State Courts, each with its own structures and procedures. Federal Courts are further classified as District Courts, Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. US State Courts generally handle a greater number of cases than Federal courts which usually handle more conservative cases and those of national importance.

In addition to this, every case involves a number of steps. For instance, take a criminal case. After the case is charged, the prosecutor issues a criminal compliant. This is followed by the initial appearance of the accused in the court, pleas, the court hearing to determine status, progress or direction of the case, the preliminary hearing, arraignment or first appearance of the criminal defendant on the formal charges before a judge, the pretrial conference or court settlement conference, the plea hearing, the trial, the sentencing, the appeal, and the post-conviction motion hearing. This means that criminal lawyers would need accurate transcripts for all these proceedings for the cases that they are handling, which is definitely not an easy task to accomplish when managed in-house. This is why most lawyers opt to outsource their court proceedings transcription tasks.

How a Legal Transcription Service Provider Can Help

An experienced legal transcription service provider offers simplified, accurate and timely services. With the transcription job taken care of, legal professionals can focus on their core business activities. Transcription is offered for court hearings/pleadings, arbitrations, briefs, meetings, focus group meetings, witness reports, criminal appeals, public hearings, court trials, deposition summaries, allegations, statements and correspondence.

Reputable companies have a team of experienced transcriptionists to work exclusively on each client project. These transcriptionists utilize advanced technology to ensure court transcripts with a high degree of accuracy. A reliable company provides court proceedings transcription solutions to attorneys, legal departments, financial institutions, law firms, and insurance companies among others.

Key Benefits of Good Court Transcription Services

• Quality Solutions – With an objective to deliver top quality and error-free court transcription services, a 3 level quality check is performed by experienced editors, proofreaders and quality analysts.

• Higher accuracy level – Trustworthy transcription companies provide the services of transcriptionists who have experience in working with challenging courtroom situations such as overlapping dialogues, poor diction and multiple speakers. Advanced technologies such as spell check, voice recognition and sound quality improvement software are used to ensure higher accuracy (minimum 99%).

• Dictation options – Two convenient modes of dictation offered are – toll free number and digital recorder.

• Customized turnaround time – The final transcripts are delivered within quick and customized turnaround time.

• Data confidentiality – A reputable transcription firm follows stringent security protocols to protect the confidentiality of important and sensitive legal information.

• Full-time customer support available 24/7/365

• Affordable pricing within the budget line of clients

• Free trial options

One of the significant advantages of court proceedings transcription service is that it allows court reporters and other legal entities to concentrate on their core business activities. Taking into consideration the above mentioned advantages of court transcription services, it is important for legal entities to hire the services of an experienced and reliable legal transcription company. Partnering with such a professional legal service provider brings cost savings in the range of 30 -40%.